Shopping in Portugal

Shopping in Portugal

Shopping in Portugal

VAT refund

Who is entitle to it?
Tourists residing in a non EU country (proven by showing the passport or any other ID officially recognized as valid) and with a transport title with direct destiny to a third country (although their destination can be another EU country on their way to their non-EU airport; and in case of transit, the goods must the put in the check-in luggage).

How to proceed when buying?
The traveller must ask to the shop employee to give him an invoice with 3 copies or the Tax-Free Shopping Cheque, with the note proving identity and residence.

Were must they go to at the time of departure from Portugal?
Before doing check-in, the traveller must go to Customs Authorities.

Which are the procedures to fulfil?
The traveller must show:
- Transport title
- Passport
- The original invoices in a legal form or the "Global Refund Tax-free Shopping Cheque"
- All the purchases within the referred invoice or Tax-free form
Customs authorities confirm the goods are leaving the country and stamp the original shop invoices or the "Global Refund Tax-free Shopping Cheque" form;
The traveller send back to the shop(s) the original of each invoice duly stamped (or to Global Refund Portugal Lda., in case the correct forms have been used).

Which are the procedures as to the goods?
They have to be bought within a period less then 90 days;
They have to have purchase price equal or over 59,36€, including tax, per shop;
They have to be bought only for personal use;
They cannot be equipment goods to supply boats or any other kind of private means of transport.

Who is to be concerned with VAT refund?
It is the stores concern (or Global Blue Lda.), to refund the travellers taxes, after reception of the original invoice within 150 days (or the Tax- free Shopping Cheque), duly stamped by customs authorities.

Source: Visitalgarve